Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Pictures

I'm uploading a few pictures from the camera that are in no way connected except for the fact that they were all taken this month.

The picture above is how messy our office space becomes. For some reason I'm convinced the more tables and shelves I have the more organized this will be. I blame Steve for this. My need for containers, shelves, and tables is one of the many things I've gained from him. This would include my love of NPR and all things computer. Thank you, Steve! In my defense I've since had my life slow down considerably. My classes are over for the semester. I'm down to one job as librarian and PTO doesn't have much going on right now. So it's really just the library thing and checking on spouses with deployed loved ones. The library thing is about to have a big break because of how Christmas and New Year fall this year.


We'll see if I'm still saying that come Jan. 1st when the kids and I are still home...

Yesterday the kids and I worked on Pen Pal kits I read about in Family Fun magazine. Hope is asking Anthony to be her pen pal and we sent letters, envelopes, and postcards. Holden is asking Ian to be his pen pal and sent the same items. They got to decorate the envelopes they were sending. I hope Anthony is not freaked out by all the pink girlie stickers on his. We're hoping for a letter a month. We'll see what happens...

Finally, I had to crack up last night when we were planning our Christmas dinner with Grandpa D and Grandma G. I wrote out my list of our traditional favorites: Ham, oyster stuffing (which only I love), regular stuffing, mashed taters, gravy (probably from a can since I cannot master this), rolls, and green bean casserole. I'm also going to TRY to do deviled eggs (a few, not a ton), cheesecake and courtesy of the frozen foods section of the commissary a Turtle Pie and some cookies.

I asked Holden what he thought we should have. He looked over my list and decided to make a new one which included: green beans, pizza, slope jos (sloppy joes), chiken (chicken), and French Fris (okay, you could probably figure out the last two on your own). I reminded him that Christmas day is not on a Friday and therefore pizza is out. He relented nicely.

These photos have a fuzzy look because a) I NEED a new camera and b) if you leave your existing camera out in the car and its 2 degrees out and then bring it inside to your toasty warm house it tends to fog up. Breathing on the lens and then wiping it off doesn't seem to be helpful either.

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