Friday, January 2, 2009

Holden's Web Site

One of the activities we did over the break was for Holden to create a web site. He's been dying to do this for some time and I thought about just modifying a section of my web site for him but was worried he might somehow crash the whole thing and nearly 10 years of teaching material would be gone digitally. I have it in various other places but its most easily accessed on which is a mess right now. Its also on my list of things to do. Finally, it occurred to me that I have been trying to coax the teachers in my building to work on their sites they have through our use of Gmail. So voila, we created holden's email account and therefore his web site. He made a list of what he wanted to put on it, mostly games, and through the miracle that is Google we found many of them on their gadgets list so they are on his web site. He thinks its the coolest thing ever.
If you have time go over and take a look. Try to remember he's a novice web master :)