Monday, January 19, 2009

Long story shortish

Okay, somehow on Sunday I lost my pedometer. I'm not really sure how this happened since I spent a good portion of the day on the sofa. I think the sofa ate it. The kids and I spent the time waiting for Tom to get back from Florida watching Season 1 of the 1977 Batman cartoon series. It was hilarious to me, but the kids were facinated with the Joker, Clay Face, Catwoman and something called Bat Mite which I only vaguely remember from my original days of watching it.
This fabulousness came to us when I went to pick up a book at the University of Central Missouri library and noticed they now have DVDs available for self check out. That took me a while to figure out because you have to scan your card then get a receipt. You take your receipt to the rack that has your movie and scan it. Then the movie is released. With the many, many, many jobs I've had in my lifetime none required a scanner so I had to ask for help. I was using it like the ones at the store-- close up. Apparently, you need to hold it about a foot away. So, I brought Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull and Batman home. It was hog heaven at our house.
Sunday, I'm pretty sure that I made my 10,000 steps. We had back-to-back volleyball games. A total of six games and there were only FOUR of us. Lots of playing time :) I was winded and exhausted. Tom and the others were fine, just a little sweat. I looked like I was going to have a heart attack. Both of the other teams had all players, but we did pretty well. We play all three games and went 2-1 and 1-2. They only count overall matches and since we won both last week we are... drum roll for the math... 3-1 so far. Not bad. But we haven't played the super teams that practice all the time yet either. My former student from NJ is on one of those teams.

Today, we spent most of the day in the van. It is my grandpa's birthday- 49 and holdin' he claims. It's a three hour drive over. We only got to stay about two hours because the kids had swimming lessons. With it being cold out and everyone trapped in the house that's probably long enough for him. We had burgers from Braums-- YUM! and I brought a cake. I'll have to show a picture because I'm truly great at making the ugliest cakes ever.

At swimming lessons I was able to walk on the track. If you go around 11 times it's one mile. I did 12 just to feel accomplished. I was able to lap a few people-- a very large man who was more into his cell phone than walking and I lapped a woman that was probably 8 1/2 months pregnant like three times whoo-hoo. Once though, I think she slowed down cause she thought she was in labor but I passed her like the flash!

Tomorrow is the big day. We're going to talk about dreams and the inauguration in library. Should be a good time!

I'm just so happy!

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