Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Pictures

Newspaper Club kids

I finally loaded the pictures from my camera and the new camera I purchased for the school this morning. Not a lot of exciting shots, but I am excited about the new school camera for Newspaper Club. A couple of the older boys have already taken it out to get shots for their basketball article. They are quite interesting. I don't have their permission so I'll wait to post them.

The kids got gift cards to Wal Mart from my Aunt and Uncle which I thought was very nice. Tom and I really tried to steer them away from more TOYS-- which they do not need. Traditionally I have avoided the pet aisle with the kids even though I can remember many times when my parents would humor us and let us spend a few minutes looking at all of the creatures. These days though I have a very short time limit for how long I can tolerate being in Wal Mart and with the kids and it doesn't include trips down aisles of things we are not there to purchase. This time, we were in the sporting goods section and its close to the fish so we decided to look. Both kids have mentioned how much they miss our little fish pond we had in our other house. Tom totally doesn't miss this as he wanted to dig it out and fill it in. I miss it a little until I remember what a pain it was to clean it out-- and the time we pulled a skateboard out of it. But the kids remember the good stuff like the frogs and the fish and the other critters that seemed to gather. So, we saw a small tank kit for $7 and found the .28 cent fish and purchased six. Tom thought it was too much, but I was sure they'd keel over rather quickly.

Here are the starting six. Holden had written down the names he and Hope came up with for them and each time one died he'd get the list and cross them off. We are down to one and will probably spend another two dollars in the next week or two to get him a few friends. Tom is full of "I told you so's" and I think its fine-- this pet doesn't run off and hasn't eaten anything weird or chewed on a table yet.

Monday was Papa's birthday and we celebrated with one of my ugly cakes. Hope was not helping to blow them out like she was supposed to!

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