Friday, January 16, 2009

Today's Steps

I thought all would be lost this morning when I woke to find the snow had started. It wasn't more than a flurry, but some people turn into terrible drivers and I had to drive into the city to meet a friend for a long overdue birthday lunch and errand running.

The dog seems to be doing her part with achieving my steps. She got loose this morning (no surprise) and decided it was all a big game to run away from me. This makes me aggravated with the hub because he likes to play fight with her which I think every dog training manual in the world tells you not to do.

Needless to say I walked around a little trying to coax her back to the house because I needed to leave. Any other time I would let her go, but because I had to leave and it was about -8 degrees out I wanted to get her back inside. She did everything but cooperate. I'd finally had it and drove to the babysitters to pay her and she raced along side the car. I drove home to get my phone and she raced alongside again. At this point I seriously considered running her over with the car. The only thought that stopped me was that I would have no place to put the body before the kids got home from school. Ground was too frozen to bury her. Before you call PETA on me let me assure you she is upstairs probably asleep in her bed which I had to clean when I got home because she ate something out of the trash and then threw it up. This is before I thought I would be smart and put her on the long leash and let her out the back door. She just sat there for awhile so I let the leash hang and closed the door. I came back just in time to watch her eat through the leash. Later, after she'd eaten I let her outside in her fenced in pen. This is not one of those small dog pens, but a good portion of the yard. Because Tom put up the fence and the dog is so smart we have to chain her inside the pen as well. I let her be outside until I heard her barking to find that she had taken off her collar.

So the dog essentially has not controlled means of going outside anymore. She will be able to run free until I can track down another collar, leash and yard stake. Those electrical fences are starting to look really good.

At any rate, it is 7:30 PM and I have 7,878 steps logged. I still need to do a lot of cleaning so I'm hoping to get to at least 9,500 tonight. I can pick up the other 500 tomorrow. I'd love to stick a pedometer on the dog...

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