Monday, January 5, 2009

Wonderful Math Article

Anyone that knows me, is aware that I hate dealing with numbers. I'm not that great at it and when playing Holden's new game the other night realized that it doesn't get better with age when I couldn't remember what 8*6=. This is not a subject I did well in high school or college and I found it very frustrating. Another example is the time I was in the store buying the kids clothes at a 90% off sale. The price they were ringing up was too much. I didn't know what the price should be, but I knew that the price she was ringing up was too much. Sadly, the checker nearly in tears because she couldn't figure out the right price and a line stacking up behind me I called my friend Shell who is a shopping genius and can calculte a sale price in a fraction of a second. It took her two seconds of my frantic yelling to tell me, "Figure out 10%." Even I could do that and I looked at the cashier and told her the same. We finally got it settled and I came away with about 20 items of clothing for around $7.00. I'll let you try and figure out approximately how much each item initially cost.
The point of all this is an article I came across on my Google reader this morning that discusses teaching 1st graders algebra! This caught my attention especially because I worry that my kids will fall into my math dyslexia nightmare. I want them to be the kids that were able to finish those stupid timed tests early, not like me frantically trying to get in one or two more... Here's the article from The Oregonian:

Riverview elementary really teaches math


ellyodd said...

Ever heard of dyscalculia? It's "math dyslexia". Google it! Or go to or

Mrs. McGrew said...

Wow! I never thought it was real! I had a teacher in college tell me I had math dyslexia. I thought he just felt sorry for me because he knew I would be taking college algebra, AGAIN.

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