Sunday, February 1, 2009

Holy cow!

Today's big excitement was finally purchasing the chest freezer. We are not a family of 12 so I never really thought we would need one. We don't generally buy in bulk (except for case lot sales because I am an addict). However, with the gifting of half a cow we were going to need one. I thought we could just pick up one of those little $200 jobbers and put it in the basement. Turns out half a cow is much bigger than that. Tom originally wanted to put it in the garage because he didn't want to try and get it down the stairs. This is understandable because it is a pain to get things up and down the stairs. Ask our movers...

After two weeks of debate, lots of online shopping, a visit to five different stores, and fifteen more minutes of debate, some cursing which probably scared the sales lady in Home Depot and a trek through the store after a rogue bird, we purchased the chest freezer on sale with four baskets. I was leaning toward the upright even though it was smaller and $50 more and because Hope commented on what a good hiding place the chest one would be*, but I didn't see us being able to open it in the garage and knew that our marriage would not survive trying to get it into the basement by ourselves.

Now we can await the call from the butcher (ordering from the butcher was it's own adventure. I can't wait to see what we actually end up with.) to, I think, go and pick it up. This was not specified in the gifting. At any rate, we will soon be a super meat eating family-- goodbye carbs!

Have I mentioned that chicken was on sale at the commissary on Friday? They had $1.50 coupons for most of it! Woo-hoo! I went to town and got a whole chicken for about $.26. When I saw that I bought three more. I love buying whole chickens because they are cheap, can be thrown in the crock pot and ignored for the entire day, and feed the entire family including the dog at least twice. I know there are people out there that do not believe in giving dogs bird bones, but Tom and his family are not in that camp. My initial fear in doing this was that there would be bones all over the yard like at his parents. He assured me that Holly would eat it all because this is a chicken and those are from much larger animals. Nothing like tripping over a cow skull while playing Mother May I? at the in-laws.

Which leads me to my next concern. The in-laws have been without power for the last week in Hooterville. They've been told that it will be 5- 8 WEEKS before they can get it back on. This is amazing to me. What on earth could make it take so long?? This is not my area of expertise so I will only be able to make guesses and be agitated for them from afar. They did go out and purchase a much larger generator so they should be okay for heat with the wood stove and general electric for a much needed TV. Hopefully, it will keep their EIGHT freezers going. I'd hate to see that mastadon thaw out too early!

*A discussion was had about hiding in refrigerators, chest freezers and other appliances was had at lunch and the possibility of death. Hopefully, they will not ever do it and we will be locking it as soon as we figure out where the key is.

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