Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend Update!

Hope and I had a girls weekend since the boys are in Hooterville helping with clean up. You can't have a girls day without getting a much needed mani- pedi. Hope is sporting some lovely flowers on her toes and beautiful hearts on her fingernails.

Then we went to my favorite Mexican restuarant in town and I ate lunch while Hope spent most of the time adding salt to the salsa. In the past I have learned it is pointless to order the kids meal for her because she does not eat the side items. But she insisted that she wanted the rice with her soft taco so I relented. Twenty minutes and five dollars later she had eaten half the tortilla and most of the rice-- and nothing else.

We went into Hastings a few minutes before our movie was to start and I'm glad we did because I found cute Mario mushroom tins for Holden's birthday party next week. I have no desire to eat the candy inside and really no idea what I will use them for and for $3 a pop probably shouldn't have purchased three, but they are cute!

After that we went to see Confessions of a Shopaholic. I was surprised by this choice too, but she was too creeped out to see Coraline and Hotel for Dogs was way too far away. Plus, I'm not sure how the rating systems work anymore, but this movie was surprisingly PG. Did Hope enjoy it? NOPE! Was it even a very good movie? NOPE! Did I forget to use my military discount that they just started? YEP! So it was $12 down the drain.

Even better is that the food I had eaten at the restaurant was not doing me any favors. We spent the rest of the evening on the sofa watching TV. Thank goodness she can't tell time very well yet. I was able to tell her it was time for bed at 9 PM and she thought she had gotten to stay up VERY late.

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