Saturday, March 21, 2009

Been a while-- Children's Literature Festival

Last week was the Children's Literature Festival at the University of Central Missouri. I was able to go to the CRASL (Central Region Association of School Librarians) meeting in the morning and find out about the new standards which should make life for librarians (the few that are left after budget cuts) a lot easier. After the meeting was the Luncheon where author Patricia Hermes spoke. She is so soft spoken and, well, she's dainty. It's hard to believe that the Emma Dilemma books come from her. I had a wonderful time talking with the librarians from the Knob Noster School District and was thrilled to be seated near so many wonderful authors and illustrators. I stopped in the Book Sale before leaving and was glad I did because I was able to purchase books for our house and for the school.

Monday I was able to take Holden and Hope to the Literature Festival which I had wanted to do since volunteering last year.

We saw :

David L. Harrison (who's from Springfield, MO),

Mary Jane and Herm Auch,

and C.S. Adler

And, because I cannot resist a book sale, we went again. I think I support the Book Sale at UCM :)

On Tuesday I had my best field trip with students ever. Though it started a little rough with a mix up for times for the bus, getting sack lunches ready and making sure I had everyone's phone number I might ever need. The kids (granted I only had 6-- the five 5th graders and one 6th grader) were wonderful. They were excited to be there-- because they were not at school and becuase of the authors. I think not taking the 6th graders (all boys) made them very grateful. The said boys had complained when I initially discussed it and their teacher was concerned because they were awful the previous year. They were very upset when they saw that they really were not going this year. Suck factor for them! I'm betting they will be much better on future trips.

I had the 5th and 6th grades like I said and the other teacher had the 3rd and 4th grades (10 kids). We got to see: Marie Smith (Roland Smith's wife) who was great. Claudia Mills which the kids saw last year, but did not complain about this! Leslie Wyatt is not a great public speaker, but I think she's new at this. She was really losing the kids until she started to read from her book and then they were hooked! I'm going to look for it too since it's about the area of Kentucky where Tom is from. The last one we saw was June Rae Wood who is also from Missouri and the kids had seen her at a school visit, but she did a great job and they were into it. It was a long day but a great one!
I don't have all the authors the other kids got to see, but I know they were excited after seeing Judy Young because they bombarded me with requests for her books.

The week before Roland Smith was doing an appearance in Clinton, MO and I took the whole family. I think that Tom had concerns about it being very boring, but he and Holden were way into it. They even went to talk to him afterward. Holden was apparently impressed with his jokes because he had to tell him his Snailor joke.

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