Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Invention needed

On my way from work to pick up the kids for soccer practice I had a thought for an invention that is much needed by me and I'm sure millions of others. While I would love for someone to just up and cook all of our meals for us, and with Tom being gone this is not going to happen, I came up with the next best thing.

As a librarian and technology teacher I would like all things to be technology related. I would like the edible contents of my kitchen to be cataloged and stored in a computer. Then I would like the computer to at random, based on our preferences tell me what we have on hand to make and the recipe to make it.

I think someone could do that... Not me, but someone. I can envision being able scan either my grocery receipt when I got home or the actual contents as I unpack them from the store. It would be like the self check out at the store only smaller and less annoying if you don't immediately put the item in the bag after you scan it.

So, any tech wizards out there?? I'm giving you my idea if you will just build it for me.

Actually, the more I think about it the best thing would be like on the Jetson's where you push a button for what you want and out it pops, completely ready to eat.

Holden drew a fabulous robot that I think could help with this.

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