Sunday, March 1, 2009

School v. the library

I found this video via the Blue Skunk Blog.

I love this kid. I've had so many like him in my English classes that were frustrated but tolerant of what I had to get through. I would have loved to avoid reading Brave New World and allowed us to each read what we wanted, at least in class. How great would it have been to just turn kids loose in our school library (which was a very nice place) and have them discover all that there was available there? I appreciate that he has some great libraries available to him that are without graffiti and apparently without the random homeless guy that talks loudly to himself, and without bathrooms I will not let my kids go into by themselves, but it's not like that for every kid every where.
The title of this blog is appropriate given my need to finish working on my school law final. I will stop complaining about this after Tuesday evening around 9:45 or 10:30 when I get home. Hopefully, earlier so I have time to dance a jig with Tom :)

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