Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lots of things going on!

So much has been going on that it's been a while since we've had a decent post. I can't promise that this will be decent, but it will get us caught up!

Here's a glimpse into our pantry as we conducted the $150 experiment which was to see if we as a family of three now could spend $150 or less on groceries for a month. Typically, when we shop it is every week and a half or so and we spend nearly $200 so it was to be a challenge. We did make it, but we didn't have to buy beef because we were given half a cow for Christmas, we had stockpiled having lived in the same house for over 2.5 years (a pretty long time for us) and I didn't count when we would eat out which was probably about twice a week nor did school hot lunches count. Still to drop our budget from more than $600 a month to $150 was pretty impressive. I was thrilled because it emptied out the fridge and pantry of things that were not being used and the kids really got into it. They helped us add as we walked through the store and decided what we really needed. I should also note to our benefit that it did include purchasing soccer snacks for the whole team for three games. I'm quite proud of us. However, it's been too hectic to focus on it this month so we'll try again next month. Holden suggested that we also limit how much we go out to eat-- ugh! he's killing me!

We attended Disney on Ice last month and we all really enjoyed it. I knew it was going to be a good day when we got free parking because the attendant saw our military sticker on the windshield I have been to lazy to scrape off since we don't need them anymore. Happy day! We saw lots of people we knew there which was fun but the highlight for the kids must have been the $6 popcorn and $8 lemondade. Good thing we didn't have to pay for popcorn cause snacks wiped us out!

We conducted an Egg-speriment after the Military Child Night got the kids all excited about 4-H. Its the test where you put an egg in vinegar and the shell dissolves leaving a rubbery membrane. The kids loved it and then we opened the egg...

Two kids in events from soccer to baseball to 4-H has kept us pretty busy and often eating meals and snacks at the Youth Center.

Science Night!

Holden being put inside a bubble.
Determining if the shape of the bubble wand determines the shape of the bubble.Testing the properties of Oobleck!
Finally, I post this only because I was thrilled she went and got it herself and didn't try to knaw the entire chunk of chicken off the fork-- Hope uses a semi- SHARP KNIFE! It's really the one for kids from Pampered Chef, but I was happy. It's the little things :)

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