Saturday, May 30, 2009

Trip to the Nelson-Atkins Museum

I almost bought this shirt for Sally since she is so amused by the notion of the Shuttlecocks! But it doesn't sound like she appreciated my cake shirt either so I saved $25 and she just gets a photo close up!

Despite this glum face, we had a great time. The face is because I wouldn't let them chase the chipmunk anymore.
This is Hope's attempt to pose as the Buddha. Holden wanted to see the Asian art and it was one of our last stops before leaving. This is what kept Hope going for our three hours there.

Thomas Hart Benton is my favorite artist (next to the kids) . Holden said that he really liked the picture below. I had to giggle a little because while we were in this section Holden remarked, "Nice chair." When I looked up there was a man in a wheel chair. I wasn't sure what to say, but mortification was a given. The man said, "Thanks. I like it too." Still mortified, I wasn't even sure what to say or how to address it when Holden pointed behind us both and said, "No, I mean that one." He was pointing to an exhibit behind us. Then the man in the wheelchair looked embarassed at his assumption and Holden just walked off to look at the chair. Then he turned around and said, "Yours is nice too." The man just smiled and wheeled away. I was still a little in shock and not sure how or if this needed to be addressed. I just let it go. No one seemed to be phased but me.

My little Thinkers! OF COURSE, it required lots of "I'm thinking, I'm thinking" and "FIREPOWER!" comments.
This Spanish alter was one of the first things we saw. I loved when Holden kept walking around saying, "Wow!" So glad we went.
I think this lamp is really cool. 

Our day here was really pretty good. You can tell that Hope started to get over it after about two hours which was pushing it anyway. We had lunch there which was nice, but expensive and of course the kids didn't eat their fancy sandwiches, but only the chips and juice. We used the audio sets which really kept them interested and Holden amazed me as he kept going around saying who the artist of certain works were. His art teacher taught him a lot! I was impressed!

Probably we should avoid the museum store because I really like all the cool stuff and I know that has rubbed off on the kids. They brought their own money and were allowed to spend it and they got some interesting things: Hope found a mushy glitter ball and Holden found a robot pencil sharpener. Both overpriced of course, but very cool.
I found a cool picture mobile I'm going to hang some of the kids cool art work from and two travel games that we can play at dinner. Good times!
Next week we're going to try for the Negro League Baseball Museum. We'll see how that goes and hopefully gas prices will go down.

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