Thursday, June 4, 2009

Birthday Girl

Holden was helpful during the party. Perhaps, a little too helpful with his "older" knowledge of how things should work. I have no idea where he gets that from?!?!Grandma G was helping out during the fairy games. I've no doubt that Tinkerbelle and friends regularly play with a play parachute and ball.
Fairy wand tag. You're it!
Grandpa D made a friend. They were quite the pair for the party. Lily was his buddy as long as he was feeding her or giving her something to drink.
This was Hope's BIG Tinkerbell party. She's got on her Tink t-shirt she got from Grandma Pie, a headband she swiped from our bathroom, and a tutu I made her for this event. She also had on shoes from her friend Makayla from last year with a heel that she'd been dying to wear.
The afternoon went well with beads for bracelets and necklaces that even the boys got into. Then they played while we tried to make the handprint kits. It took several adults to finally get the hang of it. There was a Tinkerbell cake from Wal Mart for $5 that had her candle and then we had cupcakes with the cupcake stand I felt was totally necessary and would be used all the time. Later they played fairy tag where two kids got wands and had to tag the others. If you got tagged you sat until another fairy could remove the curse. All the kids eventually got wands and they were so excited!
We did presents at the end and I had the kids sit with her in the "Friends" chair while she opened it so I could take their picture and she could tell them Thank You. I let the kids choose items from  different dishes for their goody bags. Of course I forgot to put a couple out so I've got trinkets for the whole summer. 
I think Holden and Hope both had a good time. After all the kids had gone home I found Hope and Grandma playing with her new toys in her room. Holden had to show Grandpa how the Wii works and they played Boom Blox together for a while. Good times!

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