Thursday, June 4, 2009

Last Day of School

My pictures are way behind. Here is the kids last day of school. Hope got to celebrate her birthday a little early. I'll post pictures of her party that was the weekend before next. But here she got to celebrate with her classmates. The teacher really wanted me to just drop off the cupcakes or send them in with her. I was having none of it. I've been there for all of Holden's and I will for Hope too.  

Checked in on the kiddos for the last lunch as well. Holden was having fun with his buds.
Hope came over and joined us at the 2nd grade table with her friend.  That's my everpresent rolling crate. I'm such a teacher!
This is the last morning bus ride. They were a little concerned that Miss Karen, the bus driver will not be busing them over to the new school where I teach. We'll have to make her muffins on the first day of school or something. I know they will miss her. I sure will. She's the only one who understood my paranoia and kept those kids in line!

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