Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fabulous Weekend

It never fails that I don't feel like we've done very much until I look back at the pictures. Saturday, we piddled around the house until about 3 PM when I decided we needed to go off base somewhere and the logical answer was Target where we found Holden's new bag-- a messenger bag rather than a backpack will help him make the transition to the new school-- he says. After searching at Target and Lowes it dawned on me to try Bed Bath and Beyond for the closet rods I wanted for Hope's room. She has recently acquired A LOT of clothes from some friends of ours that have moved and have given her 8 trashbags full of clothes, shoes, movies and toys. Some has been passed on to others, but for the most part it's in her closet and she needed a second rod. I finally found one at BBB after two hours of searching at the other two places with two kids who didn't want to be there in the first place.
At any rate we were nearly late for the Star Extravaganza being held at the Knob Noster State Park--- actually we were late, but no one held it against us. There were several amatuer astronomers who brought their telescopes out to allow others to look through them. I was not prepared for this and had no bug spray or flashlight or lights on my kids like I usually do. Some boy scouts from Holden's baseball team were there and gave us bug spray and we really didn't need a flashlight and Hope was so whiny I knew where she was most of the time. The coolest part was that they had laser pointers and could point out which stars they were talking about. It was pretty cool. The man in charge was very gracious in that he answered EVERY SINGLE ONE of Holden's 9 million questions. The coolest part of the night was when the International Space station went over and you could see it with the naked eye. Apparently it goes over every 40 minutes. If you look up and see something go over one side of the sky to the other it's probably that. Even cooler was there was a smaller spot that was following it and he said it was probably a Russian cargo ship following it to dock. How cool is it that you can see that from here??? The local astronomers also recommended two sites for knowing what to look for and will tell you what you can see in your neck of the woods.

Sunday, still riding high from our night time adventure we got out of the house relatively early (1:30 PM) and went to see the Lexington, MO Civil War battlegrounds. It was about an hour's drive that two whiny children didn't appreciate until we got there. Then Holden thought it was pretty cool, but Hope is pretty much too cool for anything.

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