Friday, July 17, 2009

JonBon's First Birthday

We celebrated JonBon's first birthday with his farm party at Grandpa D and Grandma G's farm. After a wonderful lunch the kids went to see the mini donkey's. JonBon was so excited he was climbing the fence.Everyone needed to try out the bow and arrow and bb gun. Holden makes sure these are packed first in the van if he knows we are going to Kansas.

Hope and Grandma G bond over taking care of the animals. Holden is more into shooting things, while Hope wants to play with the critters.
Anthony's turn with the bb gun.
JonBon likes Grandpa's glasses.
Bailey finds someone on his level to lick.
Aunt Chi put JonBon in a tree.
Look at that face Grandpa D is making while Anthony hangs from the tree. I think he's scrunching his glasses back up. :)
Can you find a more adorable face?
Hopi's turn in the tree!
Help from brother blowing out the candles.
Aunt Chi is known for making hideous looking cakes. But they taste good!
Brother AJ gets close with Grandpa D. He needs to be near the action!
His dad gets every moment recorded.
Jon Bon was a little concerned over the cake that Aunt Chi made, but he eventually went at it! We continue the tradition of ugly cakes.

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