Monday, August 3, 2009

Multiple Intelligeces

Just read about the Multiple Intelligences tool from NJ Tech Teacher. Interestingly it talks about a theme for the year which has been on my list of things to do either school-wide or strictly for my classroom. When I read about the use of Howard Gardner's MI in the classroom it struck a chord because I had done this when teaching with my A-School students and it opened up such a world for both myself as a teacher and my students, to get a better feel for how they learn.

I initially had a pencil and paper version of the test that I would have to a) find and then b) score, so, I was thrilled to find this online version. I took it and came away with similiar results I've gotten in the past.

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I worked a lot with this when completing my first MS degree in Technology. Now I recall, being very concerned to get my then two-year-old to excel in all areas. He's now eight and I've pretty much forgotten about making him a child prodigy and simply surviving as a mom :) If I had to determine his strengths I would say that they would have to be similar to mine with a heavier influence on the bodily kinesthetic. I wish his first grade teacher had understood that.

As I write it makes me wonder what my husband's would be. I know he knows this, but I often wonder what the heck he is thinking or how he got to a certain conclusion. Click HERE to take the test and let me know how it goes! Scroll down a little to find where it starts.

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