Friday, April 16, 2010

What Comics and Graphic Novels Should I Include in My Library or Classroom?

My starting place for finding out what comics or graphic novels are interesting are at our local comic book stores. One I started using as I was researching for my EdS thesis was Jugger Nauts Hide Out and Comics on Pine Street in Warrensburg, MO. The owner was incredibly helpful and tolerant of my children while I checked the stacks of books. He was also great at pointing out titles that I wouldn't normally consider, like Owly by Andy Runton. That wordless series turned out to be prefect for my then pre-reader daughter.

It wasn't until later that I discovered another comic shop less than a block away from Jugger Nauts. Thompson Productions LLC has a lot of manga series (which I'm not so much into, but I'm trying) and seems to be geared to an older crowd. They recently opened a kiosk store in the Whiteman Air Force Base shopping center to cater to the young airmen.

Of course, the big-box stores like Hastings, Barnes and Noble, and Borders also carry comics and graphic novels, but I liked being able to walk into the local comic shop and have the owner recognize me and pull something from behind the counter that he set aside knowing I would be interested.

To get an idea of what graphic novels would be good for students there are lots of places to look. Some of my favorite starting points are:
Sidekick's Graphic Novels review
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