Friday, July 8, 2011

Military Family is this year's catchphrase...

As you may already know the military family has been a hot topic for the politicos for actually more than a year. Last year there was the good in theory, but poor in execution Year of the Air Force Family or YOAFF that was supposed to provide the military family with... well, all I can remember is getting a discount on signing my child up for baseball.
For our family the concern has turned to education and military children. Part of this comes as my experience as a School Liaison Officer and a larger part comes from being the parent of two military children. This has been a huge cause for First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden. The latter I had the opportunity to see speak at the 2010 Military Child Education Coalition Conference.
Part of their initiative for military families comes because so many students at some point in their educational career will attend a Department of Defense Education Activity School (DoDEA). Now DoDEA is offering parents a way to offer their input on the education of their children. "the Department of Defense has committed to an ambitious military construction program that will build or significantly renovate over 100 DoDEA schools. From now until 2016, this modernization initiative will replace an aging inventory of facilities with state-of-the-art schools to support dependent education for the next 45 years.
School districts across the nation, including DoDEA, are facing major facility challenges due largely to the aging infrastructure and the related costs. Providing a safe, secure and educationally appropriate facility for all military children is a critical responsibility for DoDEA."

Click here to see the more of the Press Release from DoDEA.

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