Sunday, October 19, 2008

Soccer Star

These are two different games, but I wanted to post them because I actually got some decent pictures this time. The first game you can see Holden in the top picture on the far right agaist three kids from the other team. Holden doesn't worry so much making his uniform match so much as just having the right shirt on. This is his sixth season playing with as many shirts.

The second picture his the ball bouncing off of him. He's pretty funny to watch because he's figured out how to get the ball to go off his chest and head and he can't just kick the ball gently, he has to bomb it at someone. You can tell this girl is a little worried when she sees he's got it.

Our biggest goal for Holden is to keep him from being a ball hog. He's a lot more aggressive than a lot of the other kids and he'll just go after it. We can be heard yelling at him from the sidelines, "Same team!"

In the two games I've posted here he managed to knock down three kids. I told Tom he needed to be with the bigger kids but he didn't listen to me. In one game he scored a goal off the goalie's head. Which would be impressive to see if it wasn't your kid and all the parents turn and look at you afterward. Are you supposed to be proud after that or concerned someone's going to go after your tires in the parking lot. In the game against the orange team one girl went after the ball Holden was taking down field and then she saw him and turned around and ran off in the other direction. Again, be proud or concerned? We've talked about passing the ball which he's doing much better at and not drilling every ball he gets into someone's head, but we also want him to be a good player. We'll see how things turn out. I think it might be time for a traveling team with some older kids and coaches that can train him a little better. Goodness knows we don't know what's going on half the time.
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