Monday, December 8, 2008

Holiday Wish Lists

Over Thanksgiving weekend Hope, Holden and Ian filled out their Holiday wish lists and they were quite entertaining. I know that my kids were heavily influenced by Ian's birthday gifts. He is a pretty neat kid with lots of fun toys including an iPod touch he got while we were there. I enjoyed listening to Boy George with him (his choice) and he indulged listening to West End Girls with me and singing along after the first chorus. Good times, good times...

Holden's wish list says:

I would like a DS and pokemon cards and BAKUGAN and Star Wars people and laptop and a IPod Touch and a phone and a dog.

Needless to say, those last three will not be happening for quite some time. We have a netbook (a term my brother in law taught me) computer that is perfect for them, they may get a smaller version of the iPod and we have a phone and a dog already. As for the other stuff its a possibility. Holden has improved so much in school this year and I have to attribute that to Tom and his current teacher. Tom is in charge of his homework each night and Holden's been kicking butt and taking names with his spelling words making the Spelling Aces list almost every week and even gotten 100% on the pretest once. His reading is wonderful and he wants to read different things for a change. His current teacher and reading teacher are wonders! As parents we are so much LESS stressed this year over last. They are very communicative about what is going on in the classroom and specifically with our child. I could not be more thrilled with their work.
Hope's list is a little harder to read because she insisted on starting with a pink marker that didn't work out so well. It states that she would like a DS (the Nintendo DS). I'm pretty sure Santa will grace our house this year with these. We're finally entering that world as I've seen several articles that recommend it and seen games that will not turn them into vidiots (video idiots). The second item is a scooter, then a computer.
I have a feeling that she will get most of her list this year.
I can't tell you how different this year is to have Tom home for the holidays. It didn't really sink in until we were putting the tree up this weekend and the kids (and me too, a few times) kept telling him he was putting things in the wrong place or doing it wrong. There are lots of traditions that the kids and I are used to that Tom has missed out on. It's so good to be able to share those with him now. This has been a good year...

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