Saturday, March 15, 2008

Parent Child Olympics

At the last minute I signed Holden up for the Parent Child Olympics at the Youth Center. I felt bad asking the director to do me yet another favor and let us sign up late. He was great about it. I thought for sure this would be swamped with kids but there were only two other kids in Holden's age group. Which was nice, he's sure to medal! Tom was a great sport about it and they did quite well.

Thursday they did:
Push ups- took 3rd
Medicine Ball Put-2nd

Standing jump-2nd
Sit ups- 1st
Shuttle run (actually this was a suicide)- got 1st

Saturday was supposed to be the running events, but as it was snowing it has been postponed to next Saturday. They did do the bowling and they got 2nd.

I'll have to double-check this with Holden, but I think I have the placements right.

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