Monday, June 2, 2008

We've been busy!

I've finally taken the time to sit down and get posted what we've been up to. Here are some photos from last month of all our discoveries. First Hope found an empty robin's egg on a walk, but it didn't make it home. Later, Holden found one in our yard.

Then one evening we found a frog that had to be played with incessantly. Poor thing! Holden was good about checking him out and then letting him go. Hope on the other hand wanted to touch him and pet him and squeeze him all over. She kept tracking him down as he attempted to make a run for it. Some frogs will never learn :)

I wish I had put a ruler by this HUGE moth Hope found on the neighbor's tree. She kept hollering at me to come and see what she'd found and I kept putting it off assuming she'd discovered another roly poly (really, how many can you ooohhhh and aaahhh over?). A few minutes later I saw her poking at a tree with a big stick and noticed what looked like a bird trying to flutter away. It caught the attention of a cat and he tried to eat it. This thing was huge. I've promised that we will try and find out what kind it is on the internet. This is on my list of projects to do.

The other picture is of Holden playing golf. I signed him up for lessons because he's been interested since he saw the kids from Rancocas Valley play and had Mr. Turner (the golf coach) make him feel cool when they played at McGuire. He's assured me since he was two that he knew all there was to know, but lessons would be nice. For two weeks he was able to play with the pro and he got a golf bag, shirt and hat as well. Hope was thrilled that she could run around collecting random golf balls and broken tees.
I found out on the second to last day that there was a parent/child scramble. My only familiarity with golf was my freshman year in college when my volleyball coach made me take 2 credit hour golf class taught by the football coaches. Our day was quite interesting, didn't know where we were going, didn't know that golf carts don't make noise when you start them, didn't think to bring a ball with us to the first tee! Once we got started, we had a great time. I'm on the lookout for super cheap clubs (think thrift store) to take him out to play everyonce in a while. We'll likely do it again in July. :)
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