Monday, June 2, 2008

Birthday Girl!

For Hope's big 5th birthday she had a lot going on. She'd been asking for a while to get her ears pierced and I promised her for her 5th birthday she could do it. The week before the big day we went to Lee's Summit and did some shopping. I asked her if she was ready and she said she needed to go eat, she was a little nervous.
After lunch we went to Claire's Boutique where getting your ears pierced is a lot more than I remember. She picked out lovely earings that look like flowers with a blue center. The girl that got her ready was very nice and helped her through. Hope was quite brave the whole time. They did both ears at once and the look on her face was priceless. I think she really wanted to cry, but she got through it. Once it was done she went on a shopping spree looking at all the things she "needed"-- butterfly wings because she's having a butterfly party, an earring holder, butterfly tattoos, etc. Even Holden was a fabulous big brother and when she saw a Hannah Montanna microphone she really, really needed, he snuck off and bought it for her. What a good big brother!

On the night before her birthday with Daddy home we opened her piggy bank. It's a tradition to open your super special piggy bank that Papa Smith made every five years. She was money bags with over $300! She had to put half in her bank account and she could spend the other half. I'm pretty sure there isn't a Littlest Pet Shop out there that she doesn't have now. Even her friend found the elusive horse she'd been looking for.
Her other present from Mom and Dad was a new bicycle and helmet. Isn't she cool!
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