Sunday, June 22, 2008

Father's Day

We spent Father's Day at my grandfather's house in Olpe, KS. It was nice to be with a lot of family on the farm. We all had a good time and I did not fill up the car with goodies to take home with me. In fact, I think we left with less than we came with. I did find The history of Stratton, Colorado book in the barn when I was looking for a pair of pliers that I felt needed to be rescued. For some reason it was wet even though it was in the barn.

I felt the need to walk to the back of the property, but didn't get past the silo because it hadn't been mowed. It's amazing how much gas prices affect everything.

We did get as far as the mulberry tree and even tried a few but they weren't as good as the ones at Tom's parents farm. Holden had fun just trying to get them down.

It has been officially mandated by Deb Sue, aka the rock, that we need to come and build Papa a fence or kennel for the dog he does not yet have. I don't have a problem with that. We also need to come and help get some firewood for him for the winter. I'd like to do it before it gets god-awful hot, but we'll see how schedules work out.

Just before we left we found a super odd looking caterpiller?? on the ground behind the van. Even Papa said he'd never seen one that looked like that. This isn't a very good picture but the head had what seemed like a fan on the front or maybe it was the back??

On our way home we stopped at Dad and Gails to see the two new miniature donkeys they got. They are about the same height as Holden and Hope. This one in the picture is Antoinette and she is very, very preggers. It was weird to see her belly move. We can't wait to see how tiny the baby is! How exciting, babies everywhere. Aunt Sally is due at the end of the month too.
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