Monday, October 27, 2008

Career Day

Today was Career Day at the kids' school. It's part of Red Ribbon Week and each day they dress up like I remember doing for Homecoming Week. I'm not entirely sure since it's supposed to be a connection to keeping kids off drugs. Will this help her ten years from now to "JUST SAY NO" ? Somehow I doubt it, but one can be hopeful. Grandma bought her the K-State cheerleader outfit last week and decided to wear it today. Perhaps she is thinking of making college a career like her mama?
Holden was all set last night to dress as his intended occupation of scuba diver, but morning came early and crank came with it. He was willing last night to wear swim trunks and surf shirt but when I helped him put on his long johns to go underneath (it was 34 degrees this morning) the idea was not so appealing so he has on a soccer jersey and jeans. He will be a professional soccer player-- David Beckham watch out!
A final note: She has a tatoo necklace around her neck. I'd rater it be the fake tatoos now than a real one later. You should see her feet which are covered with them. Woe is me!
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