Saturday, November 8, 2008

Shrinky Dinks

Who doesn't love and remember Shrinky Dinks? Apparently, Tom. He'd never heard of it before. I'm not sure how that is even possible?
The base craft shop was having a going out of business sale and I happened across them. I remember my friends having them, specifically a Smurf set, but I don't think we ever had them.
At first just Hope was willing to play with them, but Holden quickly got interested. I told them to just use one sheet for now, but when I came back to the dining room after cleaning up the kitchen there was only one of 5 sheets still there. Something was obviously lost in thier translation of it. They made some neat shapes and we fired them up in the oven. We did learn that for next time the shapes they cut out should be rounded becuase they would make a great weapon after cooking. In other words, there are no shrinky dinks in the prison craft center cause they'd make a great shank. As we are trying to encourage love and harmony between the two, the dangerous ones went into a baggie that "accidently" disappeared.

Even Tom was intrigued when the project was over. I'm hopeful I can go back up to the shop and buy some more before they close out.

Good times, good times!
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